How it feels

At this point (in learning Flash), it feels like each word I write requires a day of research. And, even then, the pace may not even be one word per day. Letters begin to appear bigger than they may be.

I wonder when the pace is going to pick up at all. Or am I going to fiddle and fart with this in a stuporous cloud of befuddlement till I die? Is it time to give up?

Wouldn’t it be great if I had a neighbour who knew Flash? Ha. Not likely. I’m kind of on my own on this. There are only certain types of questions you can ask on the Internet. Some questions just depend on too many other things to be easily answerable in a net forum.

I got a little bit of work done today, but so much time spent just confused. I hate this stage in learning stuff. But it does pass. Like a flu.

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