Typographic Animation Software

Obx labs at Concordia U in Montréal, which is directed by the poet-programmer Jason Lewis, has released some interesting typographic still and animation software.

Beardsley-g by Anna Oguienko, made with Mr. Softie

Beardsley-g by Anna Oguienko, made with Mr. Softie

One of the programs, which is freely downloadable (Windows only), is called Mr. Softie. The gallery of stills and videos produced with the sotware is rather impressive. The gallery has some stylistic range to it;  the tool has considerable range in the look of the type of things it can produce.

The other software they’ve released is called NextText which they describe thus:

NextText for Processing is a port of the library for the Processing development environment. Keeping in mind the goals of  Processing, the library includes greatly simplified syntax and allows the creation of interesting sketches with very few lines of code.   And for programmers who want to push the envelope further, all functionality of the Java version of the library is maintained, so it is still possible to create intricate and more complex applications.

They documentation that I looked at seems quite good–which you might hope for when the projects so centrally involve writers!

It’s great to see an interesting, programmerly project in digital writing in a Canadian University. This ain’t yer auntie’s Canlit.

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  • Mac OS X version soon! We’ve started development on a Mac version of Mr. Softie, and hope to have it finished by the end of June. I’ll send a note when it’s done.