Got a Grant from the Canada Council

I recently got a senior grant from the Canada Council’s ‘Spoken Word and Storytelling’ program to do a specific project described at

Basically, the idea of the project is to scream my fool head off while playing Jig-Sound and dbCinema as instruments.

You’ve seen musicians play an instrument while they sing. Well, this is similar. Only I’ll be telling a story between (or perhaps during) screaming bouts. And the instruments I’ll be playing are Jig-Sound, which is sonic, and dbCinema, which is visual.

The first job is to fix dbCinema. It’s um temporarily out of order. Google changed some image search stuff, so dbCinema’s google image search stuff isn’t working. Am about half way done that fix.

Should be quite the shriek fest.

2 Responses to “Got a Grant from the Canada Council”

  • Congrats, Jim! I am sure you know that the results will be of great interest to the International Institute of Screamscape Studies! And I’m relieved the db Cinema fix is relatively easy, as it is a fantastic tool, and toy, and research medium.

  • Congratulations, somewhat belatedly. Sounds great… or maybe that depends on what kind of screamer you are… what the hell, go ahead and scream! (I’ve always been nervous about making excessive noise, probably because my father had/has tinnitus – hence Tailspin: I really like the idea of storytelling while playing digital instruments. I think there can be (is) such an interesting relationship between the digital and the oral voice.