Aleph Null

I’ve just completed my first JavaScript work using the new HTML 5 canvas tag. It’s called Aleph Null. It’s a generative, interactive work of visual art. It launches on from NYC.

Aleph Null is best viewed by the light of a full moon. Or near full moon. Same with the set of stills I made. I mean they do like a bit of darkness.

If you’re using a PC, I’d recommend Chrome to view Aleph Null. At least on my machine, Chrome provides the smoothest performance. Firefox provides a similarly high framerate, but is a bit jerky from time to time. Internet Explorer kind of sucks. On the Mac, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari seem to be fine.

One Response to “Aleph Null”

  • I love this, Jim:

    It’s like hunting the Snark, beauty or
    butterflies. Unlike most instruments, Aleph Null will play something whether
    a person is playing or not. But it benefits immensely by a human player.

    Then again, I like a bit of darkness, too!

    IMHO, your work is among the most brilliant and under appreciated in the whole bloody or hole bloody websphere. Congrats, and keep it coming.