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Got a Grant from the Canada Council

I recently got a senior grant from the Canada Council’s ‘Spoken Word and Storytelling’ program to do a specific project described at

Basically, the idea of the project is to scream my fool head off while playing Jig-Sound and dbCinema as instruments.

You’ve seen musicians play an instrument while they sing. Well, this is similar. Only I’ll be telling a story between (or perhaps during) screaming bouts. And the instruments I’ll be playing are Jig-Sound, which is sonic, and dbCinema, which is visual.

The first job is to fix dbCinema. It’s um temporarily out of order. Google changed some image search stuff, so dbCinema’s google image search stuff isn’t working. Am about half way done that fix.

Should be quite the shriek fest.

Impossible Journal

Celebrating 10 years of digital writing, Impossible Journal is Dreaming Methods’ first magazine-style publication and features a series of stories-behind-the-stories from our ambitious digital fiction projects.
Impossible Journal

Impossible Journal

Presented through – a leading-edge virtual publication portal – the first edition of Impossible Journal includes dream-inspired prose and fiction set amongst striking graphic design – plus an atmospheric soundtrack – Music In The Shape of Eleven – created by sound artist Matt Wright.

From a man who one day decides to violently attack his neighbour (an epilogue to Floppy) to a pair of schoolboys intent on burying their science fieldwork books to increase their authenticity (an extract from our forthcoming work Nightingale’s Playground), Impossible Journal offers new insights into Dreaming Methods expansive digital fiction portfolio that has been online and growing since 2000.