Netartery is a group blog by a diverse collection of (mostly media) artists and thinkers, scholars, programmers, and whatnot. The idea is to keep one another informed of our own new work and new work by others we feel deserves comment. And to post on other interesting topics.

The common thread among the contributors to netartery.vispo.com is that they all have backgrounds in writing. And are mainly pursuing types of writing situated in other media.

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  • Editors,
    We are looking for ways to spread the good word on a Call for Proposals for our NEA-Funded electronic publishing project Expanded Artists’ Books: Envisioning the Future of the Book. We will award $10,000 to two artists to create an artwork for the iPad platform, which will ultimately have a physical counterpart that intersects, modulates or informs the digital components of the artwork. While artists should demonstrate relevant development/programming experience, they need not have any expertise in making physical book objects (this will happen collaboratively). Proposals are due September 15.


    This link has more information; if this is something you can post or share, we’d be truly grateful.

    Jessica Cochran
    Project Manager, Expanded Artists’ Books

  • Thanks, Jessica. That looks very interesting. I’m currently learning how to create apps for the iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. So you just may get a proposal from me.

    If I understand correctly, the artist is to finally provide both an iPad program and an artist’s book?

  • Oops. I see on your site that only U.S. citizens are eligable. I’m Canadian.

  • Jim, I apologize, I did not see this post until now.

    Several weeks ago we gained clarity from the NEA on this issue– we are now accepting proposals from anyone, regardless of nationality.

    If I can answer any questions for you, please contact me directly at jcochran@colum.edu.

  • Great! Thanks very much, Jessica! I see the deadline is September 15.

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